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I Started Making Photo Collages & Party Decorations for my 1st granddaughter.  She lives in a different state but I dearly wanted to be involved. That's when I discovered that creating photo collages helped me to connect with her, my daughter and my son-in-law.  Then I started creating Party Decorations.  They loved them and I loved giving them.  They were a big hit!  I was surprised by my daughter's obvious appreciation of my time and the time it saved her also, while still having that personalized touch.  

I enjoyed the process so much that after my 2nd granddaughter was born, I decided to sell them online to help others to Connect to their loved ones too. The collages I put together with your input and they can be made into almost anything including traditional prints. The decorations come complete and ready to hang, can be personalized and customized. If you'd like to Do It Yourself, let me know and we'll work it out.   

If you're interested in more, visit my Pinterest Page (pegstreasure) for tips and tricks that coordinate with my items!

Please browse and know I'm here to help with any questions Before And After purchases.  Send me a note and I will response as soon as possible.  


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 I am passionate about Reusing before Recycling whenever possible.  I Love putting great items together with people. They're sometimes new but unused.  Either way, we all win, you save money, I make some and we save our world together!  If you ever have a question, please contact me - I'm happy to help.                                          

Thank you for Shopping at pegstreasure ! 

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 I live in Boca Raton, Florida and sell handmade wares, vintage and craft supplies in my Etsy Shop.  

I also have an eBay Store which features Vintage - Now Jewelry, Jewelry lots, Fashion, Craft Supplies and other treasures.

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I coordinate with many of the items I sell to Ideas, Inspiration, Recipes, Quotes, Childrens Topics, Home Decor and More.  These are meant to compliment the items I sell whether you purchase from me or only browse.  You can find lots of FREE information here including DIY instructions, Free Printables, Free Recipes for Foodies of all ages and Lots More. 

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